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Frequently Ask Questions

1) Do we need elaborate infrastructure and hardware to use Webguru?

No. To use Webguru, all you need is a PC with internet connection.

2) How easy is it to use Webguru?

You must know how to use anInternet browser, have basic word processing skills, and have basic computer files management skills. You are not required to know HTML or computer programming

3) How long can we expect service support from Serosoft?


4) Can we request for some changes in the features?

Webguru has been developed after taking extensive inputs from the experts in the education industry. However, if you wish to customize some features for your organization, we will be glad to help you and fulfil your needs.

5) Can Webguru be implemented in phases to suit our budget?

Yes! We have a flexible price structure to suit every budge. You can implement the system with some basic features to begin with and then ramp up when you wish to.

6) What about training of staff?

The UI of the system has been designed to be very user-friendly and intuitive. However, Serosoft will provide extensive training until the client feels confident about using the application. Additionally, user manuals and other documentation will be provided to ease and expedite the process of getting well-acquainted with Webguru.

7) Is Webguru secure?

Yes! It is 100% secured. The system has been designed to take complete care of our clients' information security and confidentiality requirements.

8) Do we need additional staff for Webguru?

No! The Graphical User Interface (GUI) is very simple and intuitive. All the teachers, students and administrators can handle it independently with utmost ease.

9) What about after sales support from Serosoft ?

Serosoft will provide you with a 24x7, dedicated customer care executive, who will ensure prompt resolution of any problems/ queries from your side.